Aziz Bhaidani

Aziz Bhaidani
Director, Finance & Investment USA

Mr. Bhaidani is Director of Finance and Investments for Prime Funds Group, USA. Mr. Bhaidani is responsible for special marketing projects, mergers and acquisitions, and developing an investor relations strategy for new market places. Mr. Bhaidani currently manages the U.S. real estate investment portfolio and assesses market entry and the company’s sustainability strategy.

Prior to joining Prime Funds Group, USA, Mr. Bhaidani was CEO of Fort Bend U.S. Holding, Inc. where he managed the company’s real estate investment portfolio, identified new real estate investment opportunities, preformed due diligence, conducted risk analysis, organized the structure for real estate development projects, and arranged financing for real estate acquisitions. Mr. Bhaidani also worked closely with the land development division of the company where he managed development projects from the acquisition of raw land to the development of commercial space.

Mr. Bhaidani brings over 20 years of experience in the commercial real estate retail business in the southern region of the United States, including Texas, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. Mr. Bhaidani has managed real estate acquisitions, asset development projects, secured financing, and developed exit strategies for liquidation of investments over a five-year time span.

Mr. Bhaidani also has a commitment to service of others. Mr. Bhaidani has served on the board of directors of a community credit union for the past 5 years. In his tenure as Vice Chairman, of the board of directors the union has expanded its branches to New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The credit union is now ranked #1 in the country out of 10,000 credit unions, based on highest return on assets in 2005.

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